Impact of office design on employee productivity


Office design

The ergonomics of having a good work environment always strives to be important, however, some people do adapt to working in places that don’t have a nurturing environment.
In today’s world, employees do take pride in having good wall paintings, plants in the office architectural designs etc.

At least forty-five percent of the employees felt better working with natural light streaming into the office, whereas the others wouldn’t mind having great lightings in the office area.
Such factors encourage employees to work better and learn from each other, creating a hassle-free environment.
Especially in a co-working firm, the entire office space dynamics have changed the normal outlook for any company out there.

Co-working firms perking up their office designs have made it easier for employees and clients to work together. Whereas, the work environment also reflects on the company products, giving customers a productive decision to take.

How to improve employee productivity?

Social engagement flexibility and transparency are the keywords towards building productivity amongst employees.

Communal meetings encourages social engagement because it’s not just about being around the same office folks you’ve been tied up with. Also a lot of other organizations and enterprises that work under the same roof. Communication, networking events, and after-hour functions lead to better employee productivity.

Whereas being transparent in your work shows the level of trust inbuilt, therefore it provides an environment for other employees to learn and garner information from.

With defining your own workspace employees seek to work and focus on what they want to do. When opportunities to socialize and connect are absent, you will tend to find low levels of productivity amongst employees.

This is why many co-working organizations incorporate a lot of community gathering and social events into their office settings.




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