5 ways to customize your workspace


Office spaces built the old, boring traditional way? Here are 5 ways you can use to jazz up your office space to make it more workable and fun.

Obviously, the area or floor plan of an office space contributes as an important factor in terms of customizing your office space; nobody wants a cramped up space to work in.


Having a library that can accommodate all of your company books and documentaries is an efficient way of keeping everything together. Spice up your library/book shelf with a hint of bold colors or dramatize them to look more elegant, that’s up to you. Your bookshelf can be in creative shapes or sizes to hold different sizes of books, photo albums of the company or even novels just in case you want to get away from working for a couple of hours.

mini library for offices

Sitting on roller chairs can be boring, although the fun of rolling across a friend’s work-space can be gratifying, eventually, that gets monotonous. That’s when you can change/customize your work-space with colorful bean bags, lounge chairs or even work sofas. Making your work-space look aesthetic can be very attractive for clients and employees, as well as, lights being another important aspect of brightening your surrounding work-space, you obviously all know that. There’s no need of going into detail with that.

bean bags                           
3. DIY’S

Do It Yourself are becoming so popular these days, where creativity and thoughts can be brought into the light. This could also include a bunch of flowers and plants that you would want to incorporate into your office space to make it look earthy. When coming to wall paintings, going with more subtle colors for a more authentic and simple look is inviting, as there is beauty in simplicity and it also brings out the artist in you.
Or you can create wallpapers through an app that provides you with various options for making your artwork look more original.

diys office space    


For some of you gaming freaks, gaming night on a Saturday can put you in the mood of being social. When I say social, I literally mean interacting with people you’ve never spoken to, after working hours, introverts included. Especially for co-working firms, informal gatherings always bring a lot of people together regardless of whether it’s an event or a party. Gaming nights induce a lot of laughter, the opportunity of meeting different people and encourages serendipity.

plug n play


Mid-day cravings can be the worst, especially if you are a foodie. Taking a trip down the road can look like a lot of work too if you’re planning to grab a quick snack just in case you are not associated with a cafeteria to fulfill your stomach grumbles.
This is where vending machines begin a business, with the ease of a snack being a few feet away. Having a vending machine can be very useful in an office space as employee satisfaction increases as well as, the heed of focusing and being productive transpires

Vending machines give you a lot of snack options, making your diet healthier and tasty.



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