Co-working and Community



Time out of mind, mankind has always preferred to be in co-rehabilitation. It’s an established fact that productivity at work improves all social factors that are causing a positive impact on things. A quintessential community at work drives productivity through collaboration.
Working alone will leave you struck with downright loneliness. It’s been less than a month that I started working as a part of Workshaala.

We provide shared co-working spaces for rent in Bangalore. I have seen the colossal expanse of co-working spaces in a meager time. My personal experience at Workshaala tells me that apart from the marketing perks of co-working, there’s something else to this mega-phenomenon that drives it huge. What is that deep dark secret of co-working? I would say COMMUNITY.

It was a delight to be conducting so many events in the office and community building, therefore, getting in touch with so many like-minded professional.

Sitting all day in front of your screen on a chair is quite a pain. What’s that I do to outdo this? I go the gaming zone, play Foosball or run to the rooftop, grab myself a coffee, talk to people out there and breathe back a new life.

For a wallflower like me socializing has never been a win-win situation. I have come across brilliant people and fostered my relation with them on a professional front. I love the people I work with. It’s not the same lifeless job for me anymore. Whereas, being a part of such a strong community has certainly made me like my work a little more.