Home-working or co-working?


Home-working or co-working

The concept of traditional office spaces has always been a change due to the evolution of technology and automation. The most comfortable mode of working is from home, but eventually engaging in work from home comes with its pros and cons. Co-working is the most popular trend in business has its pros and cons too. Let’s dive a little deeper. Most business people traveling from far consider working from home, as it eradicates the hassle of traffic during the weekdays.

Co-working basically means working beside other companies/organizations under the same roof. Some people do prefer investing in a co-working space as it is cheap and relevant where they can be more productive and sophisticated in their own space.

Why home-working?

The ease of working in your pajamas

The prominence of defining your own environment

Nobody to tell you what to do, when to do or how to do it, you get to make that decision on your own

The ease of watching a movie or a favorite TV show when the mind procrastinates

Making your surrounding as quiet or as noisy as you want


Why not home-working?

The lack of social interaction and communication with people decreases

You will have to deal with children or pets at home, creating distractions

Neglecting personal hygiene and making you lazy in your environment

You don’t get that professional feeling when you meet clients or customers

The lack of learning or garnering new information from others will cease

Home-working or co-working 

Why co-working?

The prominence of meeting like-minded people

The convenience of being a part of an event or a party that takes place on a regular basis

You get an often stimulating environment to work in since co-working does have an amicable aura that will set the mood right.

You get to be professional and agile in your workspace, especially while meeting clients.

More learning and knowledge transpires in your workspace when you are surrounded by a diverse community in a co-working firm.


Why not co-working?

These spaces tend to get a bit noisy and distracting, thereby giving a generic unbranded feel to your company

At the end of the day, it all depends on the kind of workspace you’re comfortable in, as there are a variety of options to choose from apart from working from home o co-working.



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