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Problems With

Traditional Office Spaces

Office Setup Cost

Minimum 10 months deposit, huge brokerage costs, capital investment and operational costs makes setting up your office space a big hassle.

Lack of Flexibility

Traditional office spaces are inflexible with minimum lock in period and lease terms. Additional unnecessary costs have to be incurred for even unused spaces.

Time Taking Set-up

Setting up a basic infrastructure of a fully functional office space is a time taking task. Setting up multiple infrastructure has to be done from scratch.

Monthly Cost Estimation

  • Traditional Setup
  • Other Workspaces
  • Workshaala

Flexible, Customized

Workspaces for All

Workshaala is a vibrant, customized co-working space for the brightest minds , growing ideas and enterprising. Our goal is to transform offices into productive, hassle free and nurturing workspaces with endless array of in-house facilities and support.

Case Study


Company, US based Multinational Corporation

Tata Digital Health

A division of Tata Industries Limited

Parablu Systems Pvt Ltd

Cloud Security


Cloud Management
Workshaala Enterprise Customers

We take provide in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

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