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Flexible Plans For


If you are a work enthusiast, looking for inspiring space to work, we will have space for you in all forms to suit your specific needs.

Co-working Space

If you are an individual or a team of co-founders starting up a new venture and looking for a ready to move in office space with all amenities and facilities set up. Co-working space is a great place to network, meet and get into discussions with like minded individuals.

Private Cabin

This option is best for small teams who want a dedicated space for their team where the team can focus on their deliverables. This space provides perfect ecosystem for team level interactions and brainstorming for a group of entrepreneurial minds who need privacy.

Manager Cabin

If you want an office set up for your team with not just its individual space but also dedicated rooms for meetings and conferences, this is the best plan for you. It comes with a common seating area for a team with an attached room for calls, meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Virtual office

The smart way to office and better way to work. We offer virtual office space to help you work from any location. Get dedicated business address, rental conference and training rooms at Workshaala.

Meeting Rooms

It is important that your workspace has not just good cabins but also perfect meeting rooms.It is after all through all the brainstorming and discussions that take place in a meeting room that an empire is created!


Regular events help employees cope with their work and help them give their best.We don't just provide good office spaces, but also create an ambience with a charm that help's you relieve your work stress to do your best.



Transparent pricing and no hidden charges! That’s Workshaala’s value to deliver value in workspace. Our flexible, monthly, yearly lease terms and just one year contract makes it so easy for you to rent an office space for your team.

Fixed Deposits

Minimal fixed deposits which is refundable 3 months rent.

No Brokerage

No brokerage cost are included in our pricing.

Seat Cost

50% less than market.Inclusive of pantry, internet and security.

Capital Cost

No capital investments by clients.

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