entrepreneurship seminar


Held on 13th September 2017


An entire day spent with aspiring entrepreneurs and geniuses within brilliant ideas truly brought back the spark in our CEO.
The students of SMVIT had a one on one talk, after an eye-opening seminar with the CEO. The seminar was focused on the topic, “entrepreneurship” and the baggage that came with it.

He spoke of his experiences of being an entrepreneur for more than 10 years.
He also emphasized the importance of intrapreneurship and the lessons that can be learned while being one. But most of all, he spoke about being true to oneself and their dreams of achieving something.

His insights on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship truly seemed to have encouraged the spark in the young audience present. The CEO’s heartfelt story of his journey from rags to riches touched the hearts of the lot that was present and gave them hope that anything is possible, and all that is required is hard work and patience.

Entrepreneurship although a nerve wrecking task tends to leave one with lessons for a lifetime.
The CEO while narrating his lifeline was drawn back to his pasts and his struggles that he had to face and overcome, at times he still has to face the battles that life throws at him.
In order to achieve what he has achieved, to accomplish the goals he has envisioned for himself and for the company is what he and his wife focused on!

When the talk ended, the audience had a lot to ask the speaker where he answered their queries with the same enthusiasm as he had begun the talk with! The audience left with their hearts and minds satisfied yet with questions whose answers would be unveiled by themselves!



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