Open office space concept

                Office Spaces have a new trend now

Invented in 1950’s in Germany, the idea of creating an office space free of dividing walls took off in USA. This started only in the last decade spreading from tech start-ups to more established industries like media, advertising, healthcare etc. By dismantling the cubicle walls, creativity was expected to skyrocket. However,it came to naught.

Although there is no clear evidence about whether open offices have fostered collaboration, but studies have shown that open office spaces decrease productivity and employee well-being. Moreover, taking down the walls increases the employee density therefore, making it more similar to a farm factory where you don’t have many places to enjoy your free time. An internal survey showed that most of the employees preferred to have their dedicated work-space instead of working in an open office. A vast majority of them overstretched the threat of their privacy being disrupted in a co-working scenario, for reference workshaala.

So, clearly open offices aren’t the solution to modern work and the concept is dying soon.

The Future Hybrid Office

The modern day offices include a wide range of spaces which give  employees the leisure to move around anytime. Precisely, pro-working approach has topped the list since it ensures the diverse needs of a vast community are met. Pro-working involves dedicated offices for enterprise offices and co-working for startups and the young freelancers. This approach is suitable for all sort of businesses; small, medium or large sized.

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