Co-working ruling the real estate market


Real estate market

Co-working has had a tremendous effect on the real estate market, putting into use more market space than ever before. Increased building renovation, improvements in vertical transportation, nevertheless we owe it to the ongoing trend of co-working. With the advent of co-working, real estate owners and landlords have seen joint ventures, short-term leases over the years.

Co-working has revolutionized the real estate market within a plank length’s time. Co-working has bought into life joint ventures between landlords and co-working operators to buy, develop and reposition buildings retaining the principle focus of promoting co-working spaces.

The increasing trend of co-working has bought into limelight the proliferation of urban density. We can expect a paradigm shift from short-term lease as shared workspaces are emerging ingenious when compared to the conventional offices. It’s not only the commercial hubs of our country that have emerged with numerous startups, like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi but the cities like Odisha, Pune is also assimilating the so-called urban renovation.

The main stakeholders in a co-working space are the owner, property, operator and the company. A profitable business would be wherein each of them would be benefited. This exactly defines the model of co-working and what it accounts for the unparalleled growth of co-working.