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Office dynamics

What could be more challenging, traditional office cubicles or an office with a soul? Corporation, Collaboration and Community are the three Co’s that define a co-working space; The three Co’s are that define a co-working space. The history of co-working space dates back to 1995 in Berlin when a group of young engineers started a work-space for hackers to meet and work together. Co-working space came to life because of the shortcomings of telecommuting. Telecommuters craved for a sense of a community and a work-space. Work from home didn’t provide a good substitute to promote productivity. Working at Starbucks late hours did no good and that’s how a mega trend of co-working spaces was set. A co-working space is an alternative to the traditional boring office cubicles.

Why should I invest in a co-working space?

Undoubtedly, it takes an epoch to set up a typical office space and who doesn’t look for a reduction in their investments while doing so. A co-working space is no less than a cure for all the isolated entrepreneurs because it goes easy on the pocket and provides them with a sense of community. It would be apt to say that the term co-working more or less implies co-housing; like minded people working under one roof.

Work 9 TO 5?

Well, we don’t go by that anymore, a co-working space is flexible in its own way. You define your working hours as per your will whether you have got to work late or work on weekends, a shared office space is your way out to exercise your job control.

Co-working fosters relationships on a professional level and provides you with amenities like never before; a cup of great coffee on your table and fast reliable internet.

There are a gazillion reasons why the trend of co-working spaces has reached an escape velocity. Looking for any such co-working space in and around Bengaluru, Banaswadi, Bellandur, HSR Layout, Koramangala) please visit  www.workshaala.com



Real estate market

Co-working has had a tremendous effect on the real estate market, putting into use more market space than ever before. Increased building renovation, improvements in vertical transportation, nevertheless we owe it to the ongoing trend of co-working. With the advent of co-working, real estate owners and landlords have seen joint ventures, short-term leases over the years.

Co-working has revolutionized the real estate market within a plank length’s time. Co-working has bought into life joint ventures between landlords and co-working operators to buy, develop and reposition buildings retaining the principle focus of promoting co-working spaces.

The increasing trend of co-working has bought into limelight the proliferation of urban density. We can expect a paradigm shift from short-term lease as shared workspaces are emerging ingenious when compared to the conventional offices. It’s not only the commercial hubs of our country that have emerged with numerous startups, like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi but the cities like Odisha, Pune is also assimilating the so-called urban renovation.

The main stakeholders in a co-working space are the owner, property, operator and the company. A profitable business would be wherein each of them would be benefited. This exactly defines the model of co-working and what it accounts for the unparalleled growth of co-working.




Time out of mind, mankind has always preferred to be in co-rehabilitation. It’s an established fact that productivity at work improves all social factors that are causing a positive impact on things. A quintessential community at work drives productivity through collaboration.
Working alone will leave you struck with downright loneliness. It’s been less than a month that I started working as a part of Workshaala.

We provide shared co-working spaces for rent in Bangalore. I have seen the colossal expanse of co-working spaces in a meager time. My personal experience at Workshaala tells me that apart from the marketing perks of co-working, there’s something else to this mega-phenomenon that drives it huge. What is that deep dark secret of co-working? I would say COMMUNITY.

It was a delight to be conducting so many events in the office and community building, therefore, getting in touch with so many like-minded professional.

Sitting all day in front of your screen on a chair is quite a pain. What’s that I do to outdo this? I go the gaming zone, play Foosball or run to the rooftop, grab myself a coffee, talk to people out there and breathe back a new life.

For a wallflower like me socializing has never been a win-win situation. I have come across brilliant people and fostered my relation with them on a professional front. I love the people I work with. It’s not the same lifeless job for me anymore. Whereas, being a part of such a strong community has certainly made me like my work a little more.



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